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Fleas - When you cant think of a funny title by Corey age 12

Keri Squibb

Who needs funny titles? Me.

Ok, I don't have a funny title, well I made up for it with a funny picture, so lets get on with this. To put it simply, no one likes fleas. I would put a joke about the flea market here but I don't know what that means, but I know that the key to the internet is memes (see picture) but One does not simply (search it) meme. So fleas, everyone knows them but nobody wants them. its the complete opposite of... err... pugs! Just don't go too far into the deep, dark corners of the internet, I am happy that average people only use about 4% of it, just stick to the unexpected John Cena and the dramatic look bits.

PPAP just about goes over the border into the deep corners of the web but I know you probably don't understand anything that I've said in this blog. Have you noticed I haven't even talked about fleas yet. You just need to search all the references you don't understand in this blog post. Ok, now seriously onto fleas. Fleas are dogs not-so best friend, and all dogs will have them at least a couple of times in their life, and depending on where your dog goes, they can get anywhere. They're just like the pens you find in-between the cracks in your sofa. To find out whether your dog has fleas, sometimes you can just look at them. If they are scratching a lot then that is a sign that they probably have fleas. Also, sometimes you can get flea bites if you are around your dog a lot. There are many treatments to fleas whether they are medications or hoovers! After a bit of effort you should be able to kill them at each stage of their lifecycle.

How to treat them

You need to treat your house as well as your pet. For your pet there are two things that you can do, you can medicate them with flea killers (medication is different for different types of animals don't do the same thing for each it can be toxic) and you can regularly clean the places where they sleep and sit. the flea killer usually gets rid of fleas and their eggs/larvae and the cleaning is because they can live without a host for months. To treat the house, you need to clean everywhere regularly so I think its a good Idea to clean the beds at the same time as you clean the rest of the house so that they don't have time to flea!!! Also, pay your children to do this (hear me mum, I need money) because that is.. a good idea? I don't know I just need money. I think this is the one thing you can relate to in this post, I do understand its for adults! If you want, it is a good idea to ask your vet for advice on flea treatment. Thanks for reading the 2nd instalment of this blog, like my mums Facebook post and hope you don't mind my *ahem* '21st century references'. I hope you want more because I'm getting paid £2 a piece for this! Woo!



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  • This is a great article. Well done Corey! Super blogger.
    Only £2 a blog………. Money well spent I think mum!
    Looking forward to advice article no.3 and will forever google 21st century terminology?


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