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Life with dogs - from a 12 year olds viewpoint

Keri Squibb


Living with dogs can be hard, but most of the time you can have a lot of fun with them! Yes, you can get all the moulting, the barking and sometimes fighting, but it all gets sorted out in the end so you can get on with the fun stuff ( some people would count walking them as fun but.... no thank you!) As long as you remember to tend to their needs, they should be fine. Remember to let them outside regularly, at least 1 or 2 walks a day - get as many in as you can - and keep their water bowl filled and give them all their meals a day. (also remember to keep them groomed with your nearest local dog groomer) If you live in the Weymouth/Dorchester/Portland area you could try : Dapper Dogs, Tails and Tangles, and Flossie's dog grooming studio. There is also our own dog groomer, but we have enough! We're not taking any new customers, sorry! I am Corey, with a maybe fractured ankle writing this for my mum! Enjoy!


The good bits!!!

Ok, lets ignore them annoying little downers on dogs and focus on The good bits, the great bits, of having a dog (or two, or three, or four, or....)  So first, the most obvious one of all.... They are fun! When dogs are puppies, they are very playful, maybe nibbling sometimes but happy to play at any time of the day (and sometimes at night... *yawn*) Yep, we've  got 3 dogs, two springer spaniels, 10 years old, they were very playful as puppies, they've slowed down a bit but still love a good play with their favourite toys! We've also got.... * dramatic music* WILLOW! a 2 year old collie cross with.... something? and something else? we don't know we got her from Dorset dog rescue, a rescue centre for all kinds of dogs! She is.... a little bit.... mad? Ok, I'm straying away from the subject here (STRAYing? get it? ok, bad jokes never mind) So *ahem* good bits about dogs! Also, it could teach young people about responsibility, having to look after a dog is hard work and you need to be very responsible for it! next up, entertainment! if you have young children who are constantly pestering you about "I'm bored" "take me somewhere" then if you have a dog they can play with that! Ok, also some dogs can be very funny, seriously just look at that video where the sleep running dog goes into a wall! Our very own dog Willow is sometimes a primary source of entertainment with her silly antics!

The bad bits....

So, yes there are some downers to having a dog, some of which are very obvious such as moulting, toilet training and sometimes err... taming. yep. you can get some very, how should I put this, slightly jumpy dogs. maybe not slightly... Ok, with moulting, if you don't know what that is, it is when a dog starts losing hair very quickly, don't worry, your dog isn't going bald! all its hair grows back at the same rate it comes off, so don't worry! The problem with this is your dogs hair gets EVERYWHERE and the only way to slightly slow it down is to brush it every day! Also, when they are puppies, toilet training! Do not be worried if your puppy wees or even poos in the house, this is normal! you just need to toilet train it! I don't know how so lets move on! Thanks for reading this blog and hope some bits helped you! Byeeeeeeee!

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