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Solid Conditioner Bars (Human)

My solid conditioner bars are plastic, sulfate and other nasties free. Don’t be put off by the ingredients which have ‘alcohol ‘ listed. They are not the kind that are harsh and drying, in fact quite the opposite, the ones I use are plant based waxes and have added benefits such as being moisturising or thickening. 

Handmade in small batches at my Dorset workshop, the conditioner bars are carefully made with plant based ingredients including 15% shea butter and 10% hemp seed oil. All are also suitable for vegans. 

Perfect for all hair types they are quick and easy to use and ideal for using at home or when travelling with no need to worry about declaring liquids at the airport. 

Solid conditioner bars are an ideal companion to my solid shampoo bars which you can find here. 

Conscious Living

Solid conditioner bars are available with 2 packaging options. 

  • An aluminium tin which is perfect for keeping your conditioner bar safe and clean when travelling or storing between uses.
  • In a glassine paper bag as a refill or if you do not need the aluminium tin.
  • Labels on both are paper and printed with eco solvent inks. (More eco details are available on my printers website here

Solid Conditioner Bar FAQs

How long will my conditioner bar last? Each 60g bar will last for months. Quite honestly it is the most economical product I have ever found and also super easy to look after. It does not go soggy in the same way that soap or shampoo bars do.

Why does my hair not feel the same as after using my bottled conditioner? Most commercial conditioners are likely to contain silicones that will coat your hair , cause a build up and can eventually weaken your hair as well as cause irritation plus give a false sense of smoothness and healthy hair. My conditioner bars do not contain silicones but do contain waxes, butter and oil to smooth, condition and support long term hair health. The silicones are in effect, lulling you into a false sense of hair security, long term, making the switch to silicone free products will be better for you and your hair. 

Why does my conditioner bar not smell as strongly as my liquid conditioner? The percentage of fragrance allowed in a cosmetic product is regulated and levels allowed depend on what the fragrance is and the purpose of the product. To create a strongly scented product I would need to use a synthetic fragrance. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this and there are lots of lovely fragrances out there my products do not contain unnecessary synthetic ingredients and I have chosen to use plant based essential oils. The science around scent longevity is a whole subject in itself but generally a natural scent will not be as strong, or last as long as a laboratory created one.