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Why Soap for Dogs?

Soap is an ancient process which dates back almost 5000 years. It is made from a chemical reaction between natural oils and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) also known as caustic soda. It is not possible to make soap without NaOH but here is the clever bit, when natural oils are mixed with NaOH and water a process called saponification occurs and those 3 basic ingredients are converted in to soap! Yes, that really is all soap is! Bizarrely oils can be turned into a product which then breaks down and washes oils off! 

The Dog and I Soap

What about our dog soap? Well, we use 100% coconut oil. Coconut Oil is the most amazing natural oil, It is anti bacterial, anti fungal and an excellent moisturiser. Every bar of our dog soap has a small amount of excess coconut oil floating around in it which has not been converted in to soap making it perfect for every dog skin type, even those with sensitive or irritated skin.


Why soap and not liquid shampoo I hear you ask? Well liquid shampoo does certainly have a place, in particular for big hairy dogs and those such as poodles who generally get blow dried straight before being clipped or scissored. Soap may not leave the coat quite as soft and silky as needed. But for the other 90 % of dogs soap is PERFECT. Yes, it does require a tiny bit more effort than liquid shampoo, your dog needs to be very wet and YOU need to use a bit of elbow grease to lather it up. But the reason why those commercial shampoos give that lovely lather is due to the ingredients in them, and if you can find the ingredients on the bottle at all (don't hold your breath on that - there is no legislation in the EU to say they have to) I can guarantee there will be a list as long as your arm of things you either don't recognise or don't like the sound of. And, with the best will in the world your dog will lick himself and ingest whatever you put on his coat, as well as all those lovely chemicals in the shampoo that's designed to coat the fur and make it 'oh so soft and shiny'.

A bar of soap will last a good number of washes, make sure it is kept dry in between. It will be more cost effective and also and here is the best bit as far as I am concerned - no plastic bottles. A subject very close to my own heart.

We do add a couple of other ingredients to our soap, something to add a little grip ie oatmeal or poppy seeds - a slippery dog is enough to handle never mind a slippery bar of soap. 

We do offer scented soap. Don't however expect your soap to smell as strong as those you may buy for humans, it won't. The scent is delicate so as not to offend your dogs nose and also to ensure levels of essential oils used are safe.

All our soap is handmade by us. We can make larger quantities to order and even sell it as an entire uncut 'loaf' 

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