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Whipped Body Butters (Humans)

If your skin needs some serious TLC or you just like a little extra luxury in your life my Whipped Body Butter is the star of the show. With a triple butter combination of mango, shea and cocoa this is THE all over, all natural, ultimate moisture treat for your skin and perfect for those of us who are often out in all weathers. 

My whipped body butters are plastic free and made from 100% plant based butters and oils with absolutely nothing else added. Nothing. No preservatives, no water, no sulfates, no parabens. Nothing synthetic of any kind. In fact you can eat them if you want although I wouldn't recommend it, they are pretty calorific. 

Handmade in small batches at my Dorset workshop, the body butters, like my moisturising bars are made with hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is moisturising, easily absorbed and also said to be anti ageing. Win win all round. 

The body butters are all suitable for vegans. 

Perfect for all skin types they will intensively hydrate and protect your skin whatever weather you are out in. 

Conscious Living

Whipped body butters are packaged in an aluminium tin which is lightweight and unbreakable so perfect for travel too. 

Labels on both are paper and printed with eco solvent inks. (More eco details are available on my printers website here

Whipped Body Butter  FAQs

How long will my body butter last? A little goes a long way but how long it lasts depends on your usage. I use mine most nights on my arms, legs and around my neck and chest and sometimes on my feet and it lasts around 1 month. 

Why does my body butter not smell as strongly as my usual moisturiser? The percentage of fragrance allowed in a cosmetic product is regulated and levels allowed depend on what the fragrance is and the purpose of the product. To create a strongly scented product I would need to use a synthetic fragrance. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this and there are lots of lovely fragrances out there my products do not contain unnecessary synthetic ingredients and I have chosen to use plant based essential oils. The science around scent longevity is a whole subject in itself, but generally a natural scent will not be as strong, or last as long as a laboratory created one.

How do I use body butter?

Best used straight after the bath or shower and on slightly damp skin, warm a small amount of body butter between the palms of your hands and then apply to your skin. Massage in well. A little goes a long way so don’t over do it. I would not recommend using whipped body butter in your face as it is a heavier product than most facial moisturisers and may be a little too much.  

Is the body butter oily to use? Whipped body butter cannot be compared to a water based moisturiser. It is a thicker and heavier product but when used as suggested it is not greasy or oily. I recommend using straight after the bath or shower and on slightly damp skin, a little also goes a long way and after 30 seconds or so you will be surprised at how dry and smooth your skin feels. The addition of arrow root powder in the formulation helps counteract any excess oil.