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Firework night is coming - How to keep your dog happy (or the closest thing to it)

Keri Squibb

Dogs don't like fireworks

By the way, this blog is going to be slightly more serious than usual, because ooooooooh do I hate the sound of barking.... If that isn't your thing then, uh, be disappointed I guess? I have to let my fans down sometimes in favour of the greater good, it is a fight against evil, against darkness.. actually fireworks are pretty bright aren't they. Well ignore that then, but I will get you one day Steven Spielberg! I will become an epic voiceover, but then again, when have I ever wanted to do that? Noooooo, I'm getting off subject so lets go!

Most dogs don't like fireworks. everyone knows that so don't waste your time trying to find a way to stop it unless you are really lucky and have a dog that's just chilled out about everything. What you can try though is our  new product, The Blissful Dog Relax aromatherapy  roll on for only £9,  go via this link! ) Shameless plug. If you use it a couple of times before firework night and help your dog associate it with relaxing and calm then when you use it on firework night your dog will feel calmer with the fireworks.

Another way to keep your dog calm is to give them a quiet place to hide, but do not make a huge fuss about it, just stroke and reassure them a bit, do not worry they are not completely happy and calm, that, I think is impossible. If they see you are stress and upset they will be too! Turn the TV or radio up, shut the curtains and pretend nothing is happening!!

I know this is more of a *cough cough* paid *cough* promotion but still it should help you and your dog when that night comes so that you wont end up with that pug in the picture.

Thanks for reading my latest blog and I will make another one soon in the normal format. Remember to like our Facebook page too and well see you next time! You can also subscribe to my blog now too :) Go on , you know you want to!



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