Tis the season to fight fleas... tralalalala lala la la

Keri Squibb

Ok, so fleas are not much fun but I thought I would try and inject a bit of humour into the subject.

Did you know..

Fleas can jump up to 150 times their own height! Thats about 8 inches.

Fleas are less likely to be passed from dog to dog than from the dogs environment. 

Flea eggs can remain dormant for months and hatch when conditions are right.

Fleas are not only a nuisance, a heavy infestation can cause anaemia in your dog. One flea will drink around 15 times its body weight in blood. Any excess is excreted and provides food for flea larvae.

As much as I love natural products, chemical free etc I do not believe fleas are something that can be controlled without such treatments. Sometimes we do have to look past our ideals and weigh up the pros and cons. That said I do think flea repelling products have their place in the fight against pests of the biting variety.

My top tip to rid your dog of fleas immediately is Hibiscrub. You can buy it in lots of outdoor suppliers, online, medical suppliers. Just half a cap mixed with dilute liquid shampoo or water , rubbed into the coat.. all over .. leave it for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. It really does kill them fast. Hibiscrub is only licensed for humans, not dogs so do your homework first but I do know it is widely used within the dog world and I have never experienced a problem.

Natural flea repellant essential oils - Word of warning - do not use neat or suspended in water. They are extremely concentrated. Infact I would go as far as to say not to use them on your dog other than in a product that is already manufactured, Neither should they be used with cats as they react badly to many essential oils.

Useful oils include

• Lavender
• Lemon
• Palmarosa
• Cedar (atlantica)
• Eucalyptus (radiata)
• Clary sage
• Peppermint

Neem Oil - smells awful but works wonders.

In the house, hoover, hoover, hoover - it really does help. Buy a spray to treat the house if you already have an infestation. It really is the only way to get on top of it. Steam clean nooks and crannies regularly. For every flea you see there are numerous eggs and cocoons you can't see. Fleas have one mission - to reproduce - and they are very good at it.


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