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How to make dog soap.

How Do I Make Soap for my Dog?

This is something that I get asked from time to time and in fact is the very reason I ended up getting in to teaching soap making and starting my other business The Soap Coach  

Whilst soap making is not difficult it does require some basic science knowledge, a bit of maths, a couple of bits of equipment you may not already have (stick blender, digital thermometer and goggles - and a slow cooker for hot process but you can just as easily make it using the cold process method) and some important health and safety instructions, but as long as you can weigh accurately and follow instructions and are prepared to maybe have one or 2 failures along the way (we all do) you can quite easily learn to make your own soap. Ingredients wise you will need coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (available online from somewhere like The Soap Kitchen or alternatively you can buy it in hardware stores such as B & Q (just make sure it does not contain anything else) and water. You don't even need essential oils. My unperfumed soap with oatmeal is really popular, has a lovely creamy lather and smells 'clean'.Hot Process Soap Making I make my dog soap using the hot process method.

I have always been quite honest about the fact I do not want a multi million pound soap making empire, factory, staff etc etc but I do want more people to make the switch to soap for the sake of our planet . Did you know that there are around 8.5 million dogs in the UK and if just 1% used a bar of soap instead of a bottle of shampoo we would save 85000 plastic bottles. 85000! That is crazy!

This is why I not only teach others to make soap (and my tagline is Creating a Nation of Soap Makers) but I also willingly share my award winning dog soap recipe with my students and am happy for them to make and sell dog soap. It is all about the bigger picture after all.

It is one of those topics where investing in some tuition really will help in the long run and save you time and money. For more about why I feel this is important take a look at this blog. Why should I pay for a soap making course when there are so many free resources on line.

Whilst I don't have a specific stand alone dog soap making course I do have some options available to you.

Firstly take a look at my Online Soap Making Video Workshop & eBook bundle. This consists of step by step video demonstrations of both cold and hot process soap making and in the hot process video I am making my lavender dog soap and talking you through it as I carry out each stage with very clear video. The recipe is included in the accompanying eBook

If you are not quite ready to commit but just want a written insight in to the process, step by step guide , details of equipment needed etc  (and the recipe) then you may prefer just to purchase the eBook

I hope you have found this helpful and inspiring. It could even be the start of a whole new hobby. It is worth mentioning at this stage that soap making is seriously addictive but also practical, creative and calorie free so a win win all round. 

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  • I am super interested in learning how to make soap, particularly dog soap. Would love to hear more about this! X

    Abbie Edgar

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