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100% Coconut Oil Dog Soap - Whole Loaf 13 x 100g slices

Regular price £33.50
100% Coconut Oil Dog Soap - Whole Loaf  13 x 100g slices

Due to popular demand we now offer whole loaves of our 100% coconut oil dog soap. These are designed with the dog groomer, dog walker or doggy care care establishment in mind. They are not labelled, just sliced and sent as they are for maximum economy. The same great deep cleaning, high lathering soap just better value. Perfect for all double coats, smooth coats, greasy spaniel ears, stubborn fox poo, filthy feet plus it's eco credentials are pretty impressive. Not a plastic bottle in sight and leaves a good old fashioned soapy smell with a hint of essential oils. Lasts for ages too making it an economical buy. It is perfect for all skin types even sensitive and we have had some great feedback of less irritation with some sensitive dogs.

Loaves are available in all 3 varieties and are generally made to order so turn around is 7 to 10 days maximum but often less. 

Price includes postage.

Please note we cannot offer loaves of mixed varieties. The very essence of this is its simplicity for both you and us and this enables us to keep the cost low.

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