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The Dog and I -Why Buy from Us? Ethical & Environmental Policies

We love your dogs.

We want the best for your dogs.

We love our environment and its preservation is important to us. With this in mind we do our best to minimise the packaging we use. All our products are in containers that can be recycled or in the case of our soaps are bio-degradable.

When posting orders we recycle packaging that our raw materials have been delivered in. It may not be the prettiest option but it works. When buying void filler we purchase only biodegradable options.

We try to shop locally for our ingredients, whilst this just is not possible for most we buy additions such as poppy seeds, oatmeal,  calendula, yarrow, rosemary etc from another small business in our hometown 'Helens Wholefoods'

All our coconut oil is ethically sourced from companies that do not use monkeys to harvest the coconuts. This is a practice that we will not support. The conditions these monkeys are kept in are often not good, working hours are intensive. The vast majority of our other ingredients are sourced from either The Soap Kitchen or Naturally Thinking, both of whom have excellent ethical credentials on their websites.

All our labels and designs are from another local company. Stickerdrops. Thankyou to the lovely Claire and Dave for putting up with me!

None of our products are tested on animals other than once I am 100% happy with them! I test them on myself,  and then I unleash them on my own dogs, then I ask friends to try them on their dogs. All of this is after copious amounts of research. You have no idea how many hours it takes to finalise a product but when we get there its systems go all the way.

We are a small company, when you buy from us we really do 'Do a Little Happy Dance' Our children do too.. they know it means all is good in our world.

Making Dogs Lives Better

One Woof at a Time