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Soap for Humans

I am asked so often if I will make soap for humans that I have decided to have a guest soap maker on board,

I would love to make my own human soaps but the truth at the moment is the dog products keep me so busy it made sense to look elsewhere for some help with this part of the product range. I love the idea of The Dog and I being a one stop soap shop. You can stock up for your 4 legged friend and yourself at the same time now. As time goes on I intend to add soaps from other makers too as each soap maker really does have their own style and speciality meaning more choice for everybody and allowing us all spoil ourselves with real and natural soap.

I have admired Vicky's soaps from afar for a long time and we recently exchanged soaps so I can say first hand they are truly luxurious as well as being a work of art in their own right. A perfect treat for yourself or a loved one.