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Soap Glorious Soap

I think its quite clear we love soap! What's not to love, its great to smell. Its useful. We all need to have a wash , even the dog from time to time. 

Why do we love soap for dogs? There are 8.5 million dogs in the UK!! Who would have guessed! A high proportion of those are simple souls, low maintenance short coats, who like a bit of a roll in unmentionables from time to time. If just 1% of UK dogs used a bar of soap a year instead of a bottle of shampoo the reduction in plastic bottles used would be huge.

I struggle to imagine what 85000 shampoo bottles would look like but I believe it would be a pretty big mountain!

If that is not a good enough reason for you here are a few facts that may convince you.

Our soap is made from Coconut Oil. Every bar starts off with around 46g of coconut oil in! When you consider each bar is around 55g thats a pretty high percentage of natural stuff! The next highest ingredient is water! Yes, just water! The final base ingredient is Sodium Hydroxide, otherwise known as NaOH. Prior to the reaction with the water and the coconut oil this is is highly caustic but a little bit of magic happens when these 3 are blended together, it undergoes a reaction that quite literally turns it into soap! You can use the final product as it is and it will do a very good job of washing your dog with absolutely nothing more added. In fact our un perfumed soap is just that, with only oats added which are known to be great for the skin!

We are on a mission to get more dogs using good old fashioned soap.

A quick bit of myth busting next.

Does it lather? Yes it absolutely does. Coconut oil makes an incredible high lathering soap. That is why we chose it. It can be a little drying if used frequently and if we were making it for humans we would tweak the recipe slightly but dogs don't wash their hands 10 times a day. They bath once a month, twice a year or maybe even the just the odd paw wash or poo roll scrub!

Does it clean? Coconut oil soap is incredibly deep cleaning, in fact that's why it can be a little drying. It is fantastic on greasy coats, fox poo, muddy paws, you name it.

Can it be used on cats, guinea pigs and horses? We have been asked all of these. In short the unperfumed soap can be used on all 3. Cats can be sensitive to essential oils so are best avoided. We are not guinea pig experts so would suggest stick to unperfumed. The scented soaps are perfect for dogs and horses and are safe to use on both.

Can I use it myself? Well technically yes, we use the end bits all the time but EU legislation means it is not tested to be sold for human use. What you do with it once you have bought it is up to you really! Lets just say we could give it away for human use and I would be happy to do so! It may however be a little drying for more sensitive skins.

We welcome any questions as well as feedback so please do ask. We don't bite. 

All images in this blog are courtesy of the very talented Kerry at who deserves a medal for making a bar of soap look fabulous!

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