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2 Minute Interview with a Dog Walker.

Although I retrained as a dog groomer in my 40's and have never regretted it I have always hankered over the freedom dog walkers have and the adoration they receive from their clients (of the canine variety).

With the best will in the world the vast majority of my clients would rather not be bathed and pampered. They would much rather be on a lovely fun, full of smells, dog walk instead.

With that in mind, and the fact I'm also quite nosy and like to find out about other peoples work with dogs, I thought I would take the opportunity for a little peep into the world of local dog walker Jordan, from Hounds and Hooves Ltd in Dorchester ,with our 2 minute interview. Thank you for finding the time to fit us in Jordan.



What is your favourite season?
Mid to late winter-early spring 
Beach or country?
If you could have any breed of dog but only one in a lifetime which would you choose?
That is so hard my heart is with the golden retriever but I've always wanted an Afghan Hound. 
What is the best part of your job?
The happy faces and wagging tails of your clients-ALWAYS so pleased to see you.
What is the worst?
Saying goodbye, for whatever reason. You've built a bond with that dog and you get so attached to them it is like they are your own.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? 

Blue, it has a calming effect on me

What is on your desk at the moment?
I'm in the process of reorganising my office so my desk is hidden under lots of files and paper.
What do you think about when you’re alone in your car? 
What do I not thinking about?! Work, traffic, the next job. I wonder if my team is having a good day and the doggies are being good, making mental notes about emailing clients or following leads....
What, as a dog walker, is your absolute must have, item in your wardrobe?
Good quality, comfortable waterproof wellies & boots. Soggy feet is not an option.
Tell me something about dogs most people may not know?
They possess up to 300million olfactory receptors in their noses compared to about six million in ours. And the part of the dogs brain devoted to analysing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours.
Have you got a funny dog walking story you can share?
Pretty gross but when I started out I used to buy the super cheap poo bags from a well know large pet store. Cheap doesn't mean good quality. Have put my fingers through the bags on more than one occasion.
What 3 items would you take to a desert island?
Stanley and Rich (my dog & husband) wouldn't need anything else.
Who has inspired you most in your business?
My Dad, he had the most amazing work ethic, he was one of the hardest working people I've known.
Tell us in a couple paragraphs all about your business?
Hounds & Hooves is a dog walking and animal care business that operates out of Dorchester. We provide a trustworthy and reliable service and tailor our packages to suit our clients needs. Dogs are like humans-one size doesn't fit all.
You can find out more about Jordan and Hounds and Hooves at
If you work in the canine world and would like to be featured, I would love to hear from you, just drop me an email with a few details about your business and I will get right back to you. Keri
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